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Inflating Sinwar is nothing but a Netanyahu game

Haidar Sohaili Esfahani

Despite all this, his condition, like every other personality, has specific limits and loopholes. Of course, the arena is not suitable for him to highlight all his experiences, and, naturally, he does not have many options. He fights and flees, and this fight and flight reduces his capabilities on the ground.

But the Israeli media has begun to exaggerate his personality and Inflate his size to the point of making him an invincible leader, a hero like no one else who leads the struggle alone with his gifted abilities and no one else like him.

This media says that Sinwar is a fierce hero and has tremendous abilities, more than an ordinary person. Yet, they know very well that he is in the hunt every day and every hour, and the possibility of his elimination is not completely excluded.

Because of this promotional operation led by the Israeli media around the world, if they eliminate such a person, and especially if they obtain his remains, this will be a fatal and perhaps fatal blow to Hamas, which will lose its pillar.

This is nothing but an Israeli tactical game, which is a game of inflating and exaggerating Yahya Sinwar and then using all available means to eliminate him. When they eliminate him, they will celebrate his remains as if they had killed an evil giant descending upon them from the sky. The “Invincible Defense Army” was destroyed for a reason His ingenuity.

The Israeli army is tired and its morale is not good. This man, who was threatening Iran that he would annihilate it and storm it with his soldiers, equipment, missiles, and planes, now sleeps with his eyes open to the north so as not to be attacked by Hezbollah on one of Iran’s arms on its borders. He has begun to underestimate his status and accept that It’s not at the level was advertised to be.

The plan to remove Yahya Senwar is a propaganda project that Netanyahu personally leads, because due to his inability to achieve a quick victory, he is in dire need of propaganda projects to remove himself from existing domestic and international pressures, or at least, by gaining some of popularity, dignified, leaves the political arena for a short period and returns to it again after a while. In a better way, after killing Senwar, he will go out the door, and in the not-too-distant future, he will return through the window with significant popularity, because he knows well how to bring crisis to the governments after him.

The process of eliminating Yahya Al-Sinwar, one of his plays. He wants to downplay what happened to him in the Gaza war and summarize it in an operation to eliminate a leader and then declare victory while the official media serves him in this game.

The crisis in Gaza is not a crisis between Israel and Hamas or the Palestinian resistance, but it is rooted in a much more comprehensive crisis that has been getting bigger every time since 1948. Whether we want to accept it or not, we know that the people who are piled on top of each other in a very small spot called the Gaza Strip are the owners of the lands and houses on which Israel was built decades ago, without The international community should determine their destiny. Their situation today is as if they live between the earth and the sky, without life, without a goal and a future.

The international community must take care of the situation of these people and finally reach an acceptable agreement, otherwise, with the destruction of Sanwar or Hamas or the Palestinian resistance, a page in the history of this crisis will turn and another page will come that is probably more bloody and destructive from the previous page, because the children who remained alive today while they have seen the killing of their relatives and the destruction of their homes, will not settle for anything other than revenge with the same degree of destruction.

The international community must know that with the current policies represented by Benjamin Netanyahu, the Palestinian crisis will grow bigger and bigger and may one day explode to the point of endangering international security more seriously than it is today.

Therefore, as soon as possible and with as much determination as possible, it is necessary to reach a comprehensive solution that satisfies all the involved parties and forces Israel to accept it. Today’s pampering of Israel will end at the cost of sacrificing international law the UN Charter and the Geneva Conventions that we must consider sacred and adhere to, and tomorrow, the number of countries that will demand extensive concessions like Israel’s concessions will increase.

In such an ominous tomorrow, no traces of civilized behavior will remain in the field of international relations, even less than today, which we only enjoy on paper.